* Featured in Virginia Living Magazine Apr 2007
and American Angler Mar 2007

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An illustration from Streamside is absolutely unique: it is a custom work of fine art with your fish as the subject, a blend of art and personal memory. The fish itself represents a particular stream at a certain time, but beyond that includes who you were with and countless other memories all wrapped up in this specific fish. These illustrations are of value not only as works of art, but also for the stories they tell.

Streamside's detailed fish illustrations are ideal for business offices or your own residence, for children and grandchildren (e.g. their first fish or largest catch), or for friends and business associates. Their detail and history provide an excellent conversation piece and, as a work of art, add unique beauty to any space.

Illustrations are Ideal for:
- Lodges
- Guide Shops
- Associates
- Business Offices
- Professional Establishments
- Gifts/Birthdays
- Children/Grandchildren
- Book Illustrations
- Magazine Illustrations
- Restaurants
- Hotels/Tourist Centers