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To order an illustration of your fish, complete the following simple steps:

1. Send Photo or Photos

Email: Send an email to jar.k.mill@gmail.com with your photo or photos attached. Include the following information: a. Fish length b. Contact info: Name, Phone and/or Email address.

Hard Copy: If you have only hard copies of your photos or slides, be sure to scan your photos at 300 dpi or more. Contact me if you have questions about the process.

2. Confirm Price and Timeframe

I will reply to you by email or phone with pricing and timeframe information for completing and shipping your fish illustration.

Note: The best fish illustrations are produced from high quality photos: the more detail you have captured in your photo, the more the finished artwork will resemble the original fish in both color and detail; however, if your photo is not perfect, realize that photographing fish is extremely difficult. Sunlight, time of day, the fish's movement, and other factors are at play. So, even if you feel your photo is not great, drawing the fish realistically is still possible by taking all the detail possible from the photo and then using other similar specimens to fill in the rest. Once again, if unsure, contact me.

Another note when requesting an illustration: the size of the fish is not the most important factor. Often I go to streams in search of beautiful, unique patterns or species. Often the most stunning trout are the smaller specimens. Just something to consider.

Illustrations are Ideal for:
- Lodges
- Guide Shops
- Associates
- Business Offices
- Professional Establishments
- Gifts/Birthdays
- Children/Grandchildren
- Book Illustrations
- Magazine Illustrations
- Restaurants
- Hotels/Tourist Centers