* Featured in Virginia Living Magazine Apr 2007
and American Angler Mar 2007

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My illustration technique is the same technique used by Joseph Tomelleri, the illustrator of Trout and Salmon of North America and other books. His book and stunning portraits are one of the main reasons I started drawing local trout, then branched out to illustrate others' fish.

I start with a photo or photos of the fish, then draw the fish to scale on 100% cotton-rag board. This is the point where the specimen's details are recorded on the board, including spotting and face and fin shapes. I attempt to capture every detail possible from the photo.

The overall process yields a realistic, stunning, custom work of art with your fish as the subject.

- Photo (digital, print, or negative)
- 100% cotton-rag board 4-6 ply
- Fixative