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Jared Miller grew up on the watershed between the Henry's Fork of the Snake River and the Teton River in Southeast Idaho. He has been fishing ever since a snowy November afternoon years ago on the Teton when a rainbow trout's rosy silver side briefly, brilliantly reflected in the cold, clear river.

Jared's passion for the outdoors and for fishing are complemented by his lifelong interest in art and illustration. Jared's illustrations aim to capture the unique beauty and detail of each subject, and at the same time preserve a memory of place — of a specific river or stream, of a certain time of year, or of an unforgettable excursion.

Jared Miller's university studies are varied: he received a BA in English and later an MBA. He uses his writing background to compile histories and document those things worth preserving. His business background is the springboard for Streamside Illustration. He currently lives with his family in New Sweden, Idaho, surrounded by farmland, and a short drive in any direction to water — and whatever the water may hold.

The Streamside Studio is set comfortably amid alternating wheat and potato fields. The Teton Range is visible to the east, the Snake River passes 2 miles to the south, the Henry's Fork 40 miles north. Within a short drive, the Teton River, South Fork of the Snake, Blackfoot River, and numerous creeks are accessible. Stunning trout are a stone's throw away in any direction.